Get Localization Workspace

Manage Your Translation and Localization Workflow in the Cloud

Achieve cost-efficient localization of regularly updated content by combining a solid process with the right tools

Cut back the time you spend on localization

Most digital content is fast-changing and dynamic, and might come from different sources. In a well working localization process content gets localized without unnecessary steps between original content creators and translators. Get Localization Workspace, Get Localization API and Get Localization Testfront offer the translation tools needed to make localization an integral part of your company's processes.

Use less time on localization

Use less time on localization

Create an impact: manage your product globally

Get Localization Workspace is the optimal solution for translating documents, apps and websites, or any other content that evolves and receives updates. Apps and webpages might be modified several times per day and you need a streamlined process to manage this efficiently. Workspace offers the best tools for getting professional translations and managing your own localization team.


Translate content

Your Virtual Translation Department

Get Localization Workspace handles the translation workflow for your team. Setting up your team is easy, simply add your own translators, editors and content creators. You can extend your team team with our professional translators and proofreaders. If you opt to get all translations from Get Localization translators, you only pay for what is translated and Workspace is free for you.

Bringing translators, proofreaders and developers into a single space has several advantages: they can finally communicate with each other, they know their role in the workflow and they can perform their tasks better when working as a team. You can also save a tremendous amount of time as Workspace manages the project for you. This is the most important reason why Workspace is trusted by hundreds of companies.

Learn more great ways how to use the team building capabilities of Workspace:
Crowdsourcing | Community Translation

Translation Memory, Analysis and Editing

Workspace offers amazing features that bring immediate cost-savings for you. The self-maintaining translation memory suggests similar and earlier used translations for you. Get Localization analysis provides exact statistics about your content and translation memory. Content analysis even foresees how much the upcoming translations will bring benefit in later stages. The editor is simple and powerful. Translators immediately grasp how to use it. You have several options how to provide context information for translators and translators have ways to communicate with you and each other and discuss about content and style.

Translation memory
In-context translation

Optimization, Testing and Translation In Context

Get Localization Testfront provides easy-to-use in-context editing capabilities for websites. It's especially useful for QA teams, translators, proofreaders and product owners to check how the translations look on the actual website before the translations are deployed to server. It can also be used for editing translations in place and you can immediately raise issues and add comments which are sent to translators. Typical issues that you spot immediately with Testfront in-context editor are breaking layout issues and context related translation issues.

Integrations, Connectors and API's

Our philosophy is based on a very simple premise: when you update your content, it should get translated – quickly. Workspace is built around this idea, and to make the process complete we provide numerous ways to automate how content is delivered to our translation management system and back to you. We offer connectors, APIs and support for several file formats which make your localization life as easy as possible.

Workspace supports all the major development platforms and environments. Additionally we provide generic APIs and interfaces for custom integrations and also several connectors for different services.


Translate.js is a dead simple way to translate websites. Just copy-paste a tag into your website and you are good to go. We take care of the rest.

Learn more about Translate.js from our documentation

File Management API

Easiest API to exchange files with your Workspace. It's pure HTTP and can be used for example with curl.

Learn more about the File Management API from our documentation

Get Localization Command-Line Interface

For those who like to enjoy their services via command-line, we have the perfect solution.

$ gl init myproject 
$ gl add master.xliff
$ gl push

Learn more about CLI from GitHub (it's open source)

And many other integrations and connectors

We listed only the most generic ones here. You can find the full list of integrations from our documentation.
Use less time on localization