Website Translation

Get Localization provides Website Translation as a Service

Cost-efficient localization of regularly updated websites is achieved by combining a solid process with the right tools

Cut back the time you spend on localization

Most websites are dynamic and their content might come from different sources. In a well working localization process, content gets localized without unnecessary steps between developers and translators. Get Localization Workspace, Get Localization API and Get Localization Testfront offer the translation tools needed to make website localization an integrated part of your website’s everyday maintenance.

Use less time on localization

Three steps for a successful localization strategy

Translate content

Step 1: Translate

Finding a good translation provider is hard. Get Localization provides localization software, tools and translation services under one roof. We let you translate your content with your own translators. If you don't have translators of your own, you can use our expert professional translators. Our expert level translation is useful for challenging website content that needs special expertise. We translate corporate websites, eCommerce sites, SaaS & web applications, and simple HTML websites.

Step 2: Test

Even the best translator can make mistakes. The most common issue is misunderstanding the context. That's why we provide you with the tools to test your website. If your company is multinational, your employees can review the translated page in it's actual context. This makes the process much faster as issues with translation quality are discovered and resolved immediately. You can also use our expert proofreading services for proofreading and testing.

Website testing and translation in a context is possible with Get Localization Testfront.

Test your translations
Test your translations

Step 2: Optimize

Developing your business is about constant change. Localization should not slow you down. Get Localization continuous translation platform helps you keep up the pace. The platform takes care of change and translator management. It let's you order consistent translations fast when you need them.

Get Localization Testfront let's you test, translate and optimize in the actual context

Get Localization Testfront enables translators and QA team to work in context. It increases speed and accuracy when editing the translations.


Translate Dynamic Web Applications

Get Localization supports various web development platforms e.g. Ruby on Rails, Django, Play Framework, Spring, and CodeIgniter. We support also generic file formats like YAML, Gettext PO files, Java Properties, PHP files, and plain HTML files. You can find more information about supported file formats in our documentation.

Ruby on rails, Django, Play Framework, Spring, CodeIgniter

Translate Static Websites, CMS Content, eCommerce Product Listings, and more

Get Localization offers you an end-to-end translation solution for your static website, eCommerce site, blog or any other need. Contact our experts for the right solution. Getting started is easy, you simply add the Get Localization plugin to your website, and we take care of the rest. It only takes a minute. And remember, with Get Localization you only pay for what you translate. No contracts, and no additional service or software fees.

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Continuous translation

Continuous Translation as your Localization Strategy

Software development never stops when the first version of a product is released. That is only the start of a new phase in development: bug fixes, minor updates and at some point major new versions will be developed and released – continuously. The way you localize should follow the same pattern as your software development. After all, what's the use of quick development if you can’t release the results to all your clients?