Translation Management System

Get Localization - The #1 Translation Management System

Cost-efficient translation of regularly updated content is achieved by combining a solid workflow with the right tools

Cut back the time and money you spend on translation

In a well working translation workflow, content gets translated without unnecessary steps between content creators and translators. Get Localization Workspace and Get Localization API offer the translation tools needed to make continuous localization and workflow management an integrated part of your everyday actions.

Use less time on localization

TMS in the cloud

Translation Management Platform as SaaS

Get Localization allows you to execute your translation workflow right in the cloud. No software installations or complex user interfaces. Get Localization puts your team into action, and eliminates project management overhead. And you save time and money.

Start Easily – Automate the Rest

Get Localization let's you automate your translation workflow. We keep you, your translators and the whole team informed about their tasks and project status. By reducing the overhead required for project management you save time and money.

TMS in the cloud

Continuous translation

Continuous Translation as your Localization Strategy

Content never stops evolving when the first version of a product is released. That is only the start of a new phase in development: bug fixes, minor updates and at some point major new versions will be developed and released – continuously. The way you localize should follow the same pattern as your software development. After all, what's the use of quick development if you can’t release the results to all your clients?