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Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL
86% Translated
German de
72% Translated
French fr
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Russian ru
99% Translated
Chinese (China) zh-CN
79% Translated
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP
67% Translated
Korean ko
63% Translated
Italian it
38% Translated
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
57% Translated
Romanian ro
30% Translated
Spanish es
91% Translated
Norwegian no
85% Translated
Polish (Poland) pl-PL
65% Translated
Swedish sv
51% Translated
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ
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Finnish fi
32% Translated
Hebrew he
24% Translated
Arabic ar
13% Translated
Thai (Thailand) th-TH
6% Translated
Vietnamese vi
24% Translated
Welsh cy
22% Translated
Chinese (Taiwan, Republic of China) zh-TW
45% Translated
Slovenian (Slovenia) sl-SI
1% Translated
Ukrainian uk
52% Translated
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR
34% Translated
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-HU
28% Translated
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT
30% Translated
Danish da
42% Translated
Croatian (Croatia) hr-HR
30% Translated
Greek languages grk
6% Translated
Western Farsi (Islamic Republic of Iran) pes-IR
2% Translated
Indonesian id
7% Translated
Slovak (Slovakia) sk-SK
8% Translated
Catalan (Andorra) ca-AD
92% Translated
Albanian (Albania) sq-AL
30% Translated
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG
39% Translated
Sinhala si
1% Translated
Lithuanian lt
3% Translated
Latvian lv
0% Translated
Serbian sr
0% Translated
Urdu ur
0% Translated
Marathi mr
6% Translated
Icelandic (Iceland) is-IS
0% Translated
Hindi hi
0% Translated
Estonian (Estonia) et-EE
54% Translated
Galician gl
12% Translated
Afrikaans (South Africa) af-ZA
45% Translated
Burmese my
21% Translated

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