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Mobile App Translation

Mobile App Translation

To reach as many potential users of your mobile app as possible, you need to talk to them in their own language. Give them the best experience – in the language of their choice.

Even the users who understand English mostly prefer using devices in their own language and are more willing to buy if they can do that in their mother tongue. Localization of mobile apps has a direct impact on download figures and revenue.

There are several ways to decide which languages you should translate into. You can just grab statistics of different countries’ GNP, population, mobile phone penetration and mobile platform market share and go for the biggest ones. If your application is already out in English (or any other language), you can check your app store statistics to see where you are receiving downloads. Bet on your winning horses, i.e. areas where you already see an interest for your application. Localizing into those languages will give even better figures.

Remember to translate all texts for your app: UI, help, app store description and all other texts that the users see. And don’t forget about image localization! This requires proper internationalization, which you should keep in mind all through the development cycle.

Get Localization Workspace is the perfect solution for managing your applications’ translations. You can choose the translators yourself and manage the translations for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and others) effortlessly in one place.

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