Get Localization for Mac


Get Localization is a browser based translation management tool. It allows you to translate software, websites and documents easily and co-ordinate the work between your developers, translators and QA personnel. Get Localization for Mac is a tool to help developer to sync the content and translations between the Get Localization service continously while development happens. It will add, copy, generate and build all the required files directly in your Xcode project. 

Get Localization for Mac is by far the simplest way to localize your iOS and Mac OS X apps that have been developed using Xcode. It manages all the files and it generates the strings files from your Objective-C and XIB files and updates them. It also syncs them between Get Localization and your Xcode project. Just select your .xcodeproj file, log-in and select the project where you wish to sync your strings files and you are ready to go.

Preparing your Xcode project

First you need to select all the XIB files you wish to localize.


  1. First select the Xib file and then open File Inspector (typically the first document icon to the right, see screenshot)
  2. Click the ‘Localize’ button. When Xcode asks if you want to localize, choose ‘yes’. It’s also recommended to select English here as a language as the BETA version only supports English as a master language at the moment.  You don’t need to add any languages here, rest will happen magically.
  3. This will move the selected xib file to en.proj directory. This is normal and required by the process. Language specific folders and xib files are built automatically for you by Get Localization for Mac when you choose to sync the files. 

Then make sure to wrap all your strings in your .m and .mpp files with NSLocalizedString macro. 

[alert setInformativeText:NSLocalizedString(@"Hello World"@"This is a comment, it appears in Get Localization editor")];

That is all what is required.

Localizing the project

Get Localization for Mac is pretty much automated to generate, upload and download all the files. So just select your .xcodeproj and follow the instructions. When files are downloaded, you may need to add Localizable.strings files to targets of your choosing if they weren't part of the target before. Localizable.strings files are generated to group called "Resources". This should be required only once. 

I added a new feature so I have new strings, now what?

Just open Get Localization for Mac, select the project again and hit the sync. Files are synchronized to your Get Localization web project, your translators will be notified so they can start the work immediately. When translation is ready, repeat the step and hit the sync again to sync translations back.

Modified XIB file

ibtool is a tool by Apple to generate localized XIB files. Get Localization for Mac will operate this tool for you but it's important to remember that xib files are copied and generated from the base (en.lproj) xib. Therefore when you change your main xib file, make sure to sync translations with Get Localization for Mac to propagate all the changes to your other xib files.