AntTek Dictionary is a free GUI for accessing StarDict dictionary files and other online dictionary services (a dictionary shell) for Android-based devices. It offers a quick definition looking up and a best integration with Android platform. - Fast search online and offline dictionary - Free dictionary data from Market and Internet - Easy to look up words from other applications - Easy to share by long click - Community supports

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Afrikaans (South Africa) af-ZA
0% Translated
Amharic (Ethiopia) am-ET
0% Translated
Arabic ar
68% Translated
Armenian hy
0% Translated
Belarusian be
0% Translated
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG
0% Translated
Burmese my
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Chinese (China) zh-CN
74% Translated
Chinese (Hong Kong) zh-HK
0% Translated
Chinese (Taiwan, Province of China) zh-TW
6% Translated
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ
9% Translated
English (Australia) en-AU
0% Translated
French fr
69% Translated
German de
71% Translated
Gujarati gu
0% Translated
Hebrew he
69% Translated
Hindi hi
43% Translated
Indonesian id
2% Translated
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP
2% Translated
Korean ko
64% Translated
Latvian lv
0% Translated
Lithuanian lt
0% Translated
Malay (macrolanguage) ms
1% Translated
Marathi mr
0% Translated
Polish (Poland) pl-PL
0% Translated
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
33% Translated
Romanian ro
0% Translated
Russian ru
70% Translated
Serbian sr
0% Translated
Slovak (Slovakia) sk-SK
0% Translated
Spanish es
29% Translated
Swahili (macrolanguage) sw
69% Translated
Tagalog tl
0% Translated
Tamil ta
0% Translated
Thai (Thailand) th-TH
0% Translated
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR
0% Translated
Ukrainian uk
0% Translated
Urdu ur
0% Translated
Vietnamese vi
20% Translated

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