Community Translation

Get Localization Workspace is the ideal tool for community translation.

Community Translation

User communities are not just passive consumers of products. Their feedback and recommendations make them your product developers and sales officers too. Engage them and also make them a part of your translation process.

User communities and other volunteer groups possess huge amounts of knowledge and energy. They are the ones using your software and experts in how the user experience should be in their language and culture. And if they like you and your product, they are often willing to help you.

If you engage your community in translation work, they will also be more committed to your product and you might even get ambassadors out of them.

Community translators are mostly laymen what comes to translation, but this doesn’t hinder them from producing solid translations, and other community members will help to finalize the work in a co-operative effort. You can also engage professional translators to give a final touch to your community’s work. And if your product has been translated by professional translators, why not let your community take a look at it before release?

Get Localization Workspace is the ideal tool for community translation. It is easy to use and anyone who has used some web applications can start translating in less than a minute. Your project can be public if you want as many translators as possible. If you want to pick out the people who translate, set your project to private and create a translation community with your most trusted users.