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Get Localization was founded 2010 and is based on Helsinki, Finland. Originally a mobile development company, we wanted to translate our own mobile products and there was no good solution for it. We wanted to create something that would be an easy and accessible way for mobile and web developers to localize their applications. Something that could eliminate all the management related overhead and let translation work just happen in the background continuously during development. Since then we have widened our offering to high quality professional translation and related technical localization and globalization services. Currently we provide localization and translation services for hundreds of companies all over the globe.

Management Team

Careers at Get Localization

We are constantly looking for amazing people to work with us. If you are a professional translator with an urge for high quality work, please sign up here immediately.

If you are a developer or sales person in the localization industry, please get in touch.

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You can contact us either using our Help Desk or the contact form.


Please send invoices only through our e-invoicing service. You can get details from your project manager.

VAT Code: FI22576107
Business ID in Finland: 2257610-7

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