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Thai (Thailand) th-TH
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Spanish es
58% Translated
Arabic ar
85% Translated
French fr
43% Translated
German de
88% Translated
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
63% Translated
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR
54% Translated
Italian it
79% Translated
Malay (macrolanguage) ms
22% Translated
Indonesian id
99% Translated
Dutch nl
13% Translated
Russian ru
66% Translated
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ
3% Translated
Slovak (Slovakia) sk-SK
19% Translated
Polish (Poland) pl-PL
52% Translated
Klingon tlh
5% Translated
Korean ko
44% Translated
Danish da
42% Translated
Hebrew he
49% Translated
Vietnamese vi
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Central Khmer km
14% Translated
Western Farsi (Islamic Republic of Iran) pes-IR
13% Translated
Burmese my
0% Translated
Catalan (Andorra) ca-AD
7% Translated
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP
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