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Whether you are simply ordering translations or onboarding a localization team, we've got you covered. It's easy and fast to get started.

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Translation Management Platform

The platform quickly provides you information about your files and translators. Your files are stored in our system so it's easy to update them and simply translate what has changed.

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We have carefully evaluated and reviewed our translators so that you can count on them in every situation. You can always see who is working on your project and communicate with them directly.

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Professional Translation

All Get Localization translators are experienced in translation and editing, most of them are also formally educated in these skills. The translators have been carefully selected and reviewed and you can count on them to deliver solid results in every situation. And they are not hidden behind our walls: you can always see who you are working with and be in direct contact with them whenever you need to.

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Planning a crowdsourcing project?

Crowds have the power to make things happen. Colleagues, partners and clients can be your most valuable resource in localization. Collaborate with them to produce translations that bring value to everybody.

Download our guide (PDF) to getting started with a crowdsourcing.

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For developers from developers

Learn more about web interface, repository, API's, tools and IDE integration.

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